All Domain Extensions

For all generic extensions, including the new domain extensions, ICANN's guidelines apply in addition to those listed below:
Rights of the domain holder.

Reseller pricing

As a united-domains reselling-partner, you benefit from attractive reseller conditions, discounts, and promotions.

New domain extensions

New top-level domains enable the accurate representation of products and services. With extensions like .shop, .company or .news, your customers can register concise and memorable internet addresses. Geographic extensions such as .berlin, .nyc, or .cologne allow you to associate web sites better with your location. Few attractive names are available under .com or .de or have to be purchased through the secondary market. The new generic top-level domains like .web and .online expand the available namespace on the Internet.

Large selection right and left of the dot

united-domains reselling not only offers more than 1.000 top-level domains but also enables second-level registrations that are not available at other registrars. These include high-quality premium domains, branded domain names that are constrained by a Trademark Clearinghouse claim, and millions of aftermarket domains. No matter if it is to the left or right of the dot – there are only a few limitations for domain name registrations.

Highest security

We care about the security of your data and your domain names. With Domain-Lock and Whois-Domain-Name Privacy you do not take any risks. All customer data are stored on German servers according to the strict German data protection laws.

WHOIS-Protection-Service (Trustee Service)

The entire world of domain names: For selected country-code domain names (ccTLDs) such as .de, .fr or .eu, the registry requires a local presence of the domain name owner or administrative contact (admin-c). united-domains reselling provides an affordable trustee service for these selected top-level domains. It’s quick and easy.