With united-domains reselling, your domain names and your data are safe. All customer data are stored on German servers according to high German data protection standards. With our Whois protection, 2-factor-authentication and domain lock features, your domain names and data are protected against abuse. Reliably.


In addition to the standard account security measures (login name and password), you can protect your domain names with our domain lock. It provides an additional security layer that protects your domain names from domain-hijacking.

Whois Domain Privacy

Protect your data from spam and other abuse types with Whois Domain Privacy. This service prevents the publication of your personal data, protect you against domain name theft, and minimizes spam.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use the latest technology to protect your account, data, and domains. With Google Authenticator, you can rely on an established app for one-time passwords (OTP) to ensure the security of your services.

Trained personnel

Data protection and security do not solely rely on technical and legal requirements, but also on how individuals and employees handle your data. Our team is, therefore, sensitized and intensively trained at regular intervals. This enables us to fight attacks – for example through social engineering.

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